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Sterling Silver Jewellery Australia

925 Sterling Silver Jewellery

Welcome to BiancaBean Jewellery. We are an online store based in Australia dealing with premium quality handmade sterling silver jewellery. We design for modern women belonging to different walks of life. Through our 925 sterling silver jewellery, we want modern women to not only be inspired through our collection but also to feel confident about themselves wherever they go. Style is of great essence in the quality of jewellery that we provide as we subtly amalgamate classic style with the modern appeal.

We deal in the 925 sterling silver jewellery in different forms such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings. We use pure silver and never compromise on quality. We make sure that our clients are totally satisfied with the durability of our sterling silver jewellery Australia. With the increasing demand of sterling silver, we have made sure that we put across an entire line of jewellery items in different shapes and sizes. That makes our jewellery adorable for personal use as well as for gifting them to special people.

Big stones and classic appeal in rings are the signature style of BiancaBean Jewellery. You will definitely leave a lasting impression on a venue through selecting amongst our collection of plus sized stones. We are also very selective in the kind of stones that we incorporate in our pieces, as we believe that high quality plays an important role in creating a highly defined final look and feel.

Handmade Sterling Silver Jewellery

Elegance is our truest forte as we stay within the boundaries of the contemporary to create a classic look like no other. From pearls, stones, beads and chains, BiancaBean Jewellery is all about fashion and style. Our usage of colour is minimal, as we have mastered the way of balancing colours in all our ensembles. Let it be signature and fashion necklaces from our online store to handmade sterling silver jewellery, even the least dash of colour is perfectly balanced so that the accessory can be mixed in with apparels of all types.

The best thing about our collection is the fact that each of our pieces can be used to dress up and down accordingly. Going to party with a heavy cocktail dress? Choose simple earrings or rings from our 925 sterling silver jewellery collection to add another layer of goodness to your overall look. Got a casual dress and looking for a way to make it a little sassy? Hop on to our signature necklaces for the much-needed definition that your neck requires. It will not only get you great attention but will also make your eyes sparkle like nothing else.

Our collection is a mix of different colours, style, and tastes, as we are proud to have something to please everyone!

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